What's the catch?

The catch is that I will need YOU to provide the unique data which makes CaucusNight most useful, and to do field testing and provide feedback.

Read the FAQs.

This page contains information about the CaucusNight App. If you are not the one who is going to set it up, you will find this tedious and/or boring. Read the technical info here. I will also be adding info for Candidates and for Issues & Resolutions.

Known Bugs & Opportunities for Improvement

Coding and Server Details

The App uses Javascript, PHP, CSS, HTML, localStorage and MySQL to do its magic. The "app" works (and looks pretty good) on iPhone, iPad, and desktop browsers, which regular apps don't do.

As of December 15, 2014 I have a dedicated new server with 16GB RAM and solid state storage, running the latest version of MySQL, which appears capable of handling 1000+ transaction per second. The web/PHP server is a shared Xserve running MacOSX Server 10.6.7 in Parallels which can scale to handle whatever load caucus night brings. Both run Apple's version of BSD Unix and have 16GB of RAM. This will depend on how many BPOUs sign up.

Consider that there may be as many as 50,000 people accessing my servers in the space of 30 minutes, which is quite a load. There will be no second chance. I must be ready. I do not want to preside over an Orca or HealthCare.gov disaster. This is why I must charge actual money.

User Data

A modest amount of data is unique to specific BPOUs and must be provided by the frontline volunteers. Dealing with all the unique situations which will surely arise will be time consuming, and is another reason I must charge for this.

User Data will be entered using XiTouch. XiTouch is a Personal Information Manager program (actually a Web site) which allows you to enter and save information which will be read into the CaucusNight App as necessary. I will provide detailed information on how to do this.

XiTouch is powerful, slightly geeky but approachable, and free (for now). It works on Mac, Windows and iPad, but not smartphones (yet). Feel free to create an account and get familiar with it.

What is this? What's it cost? Sign us up! What's the catch?